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The Institute of Supply Management of Western New England (ISMWNE), is a local affiliate of The Institute for Supply Management (ISM), and represents Purchasing, Supply Chain and Business professionals. ISMWNE is a non-profit educational organization, focused on education and training for professionals in Western New England.

Please contact me with any questions about attaining membership to the Association.

Some of the benefits the Association brings to its member are:

A. Continued learning opportunities by speakers that are highly trained in their fields of expertise.
Free tours of area facilities to get a perspective of how other businesses use different processes to gain a competitive advantage.
Free breakfast and dinner meetings with area purchasing professionals to discuss “hot” topics in the purchasing industry which is a great way to network.
D. ISMWNE scholarships to eligible students entering or enrolled at college.
E. Free March Seminar, with opportunities to attend other non-paid seminars throughout the year.

For the current members we thank you for being a part of this great group of professionals and hope you will continue to take advantage of all the Association has to offer.lisa

For people looking to attain membership please fill out the membership application form under the Membership tab on the ISM web-site.

Cost is: $225 Membership Renewal,  $245 New Membership

Thanks for your continued support and interest,

Lisa West, CSPM, C.P.M, Chairman Membership Activities

Applying for Membership
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